Friday, July 30, 2010

Let's Get Real

This blog is about our attempts at being green, living locally, and natural parenting. For the most part we do a pretty darn good job with all three, but we're not perfect.

The post is dedicated to things we do that may not be considered very "green". Because, yes, we are human, and sometimes we crave convenience.

1. We use disposable wipes. We tried the cloth wipes and for some reason we didn't take to them very well. I love the way the disposable wipes clean and I like that I can pack them up and take them with me.

2. I LOVE ziploc bags. I tried living without them and I just couldn't do it.

3. Jake and I occasionally dig into non-organic food because it's cheaper than organic food. This is something we are working on because it is important to us.

4. I like gimmicky chain restaurants. I said it. There's something about them that makes me smile. We don't eat out often, but when we do we have been known to hit up a gimmicky chain.

5. My car gets horrible gas mileage but I still love it and will not trade it in for something more efficient. On the other hand, Jake's car gets great gas mileage.

6. I don't use public transportation in Des Moines because I'm too lazy to figure out the routes.

So, tell me, what are some things you do that aren't considered to be very "green" ? Are you working on changing them?


Chipper Jules said...

I definitely agree with you on:
2. ziplocs - although our consumption is way down! Thinking of trying to get some reusable cloth bags for packing lunches etc.

3. we don't do a lot of organic -- tend to go more local and in season. $$ also comes into play here

6. Des Moines public transit is difficult to maneuver and pretty much geared towards getting downtown or to the malls

A big one for us:

We have not given up family vacations -- we will fly AND go on a cruise this fall -- both not very green at all - but something we really enjoy, can relax and can do as a whole family.

Chipper Jules said...

oh, thought of another one - (don't mean to be a comment hog!)
I use the drier almost all the time - I hardly dry anything on my drying rack on the patio. I like soft diapers, and I usually wait until weather or time is an issue for drying outside.

Summer said...

We use dispossable too. I did cloth with my first two, and loved it. But after 3 kids, two moves, a job change, and a much smaller house, I'm settling for the spossies. Two out of three ain't bad, right? LOL

the barden family said...

I could change a lot and am working on it...slowly but surely.

1) i buy a ton of plastic water bottles because we live in WDM and the water tastes horrible. this is on my list of things to change sooner than later.

I love this post Jenn. I could write more & more but I'd just embarrass myself. =)

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