Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I am woman, see me breastfeed

One of the most enjoyable parts of being a mother thus far is breastfeeding my dear Neena. Words can't begin to describe what an amazing experience it is to be able to be the sole provider of sustenance for your child.

I have always thought that breastfeeding is a beautiful thing and I couldn't wait to have my own child so I could partake in the beauty. There certainly is a bond that mother and child experience while breastfeeding that is unlike any bond I have ever experienced; it's almost as though you can feel the love flowing out of you into your sweet babe.

I'm a proud breastfeeder and I have no problem with breastfeeding in public, in fact, I feel a certain amount of empowerment from the act, a sort of "I am woman, hear me roar!" feeling always rushes over me when I slip out the nip and Neena latches. Afterall, I am providing my child with best nutrition possible and there is something to be said for that!

One of my first experiences with breastfeeding in public happened to be at a Bass Pro Shop. Yes, of all places to breastfeed in public for the first time, a testosterone infused mega store whilst sitting on a camoflauge couch (true story). The tension of the situation eased as I looked down at my precious girl and saw how she didn't care where we were at, she was hungry and nothing was going to stop her from getting her food, it was so very natural for her. And, you know what? Not a single person really seemed to care that I was breastfeeding my child as they shopped for guns, hunting gear, and duck calls.

I plan on breastfeeding Neena until she's at least one, if not longer. Knowing that I'm providing her with optimal nutrition is my motivation.

I urge all women with children to roar, "I am woman, see me breastfeed!"

What are some of your "I am woman, see me breastfeed!" experiences? I'd love to hear them.


Chelsey said...

I can't wait to breastfeed! You look super cute and happy, Jenn!

just a mama... said...

love the blog, Jenn! i agree - breastfeeding is so beautiful and powerful and fulfilling. it took Oli and i a long time to get the hang of it, but i am so proud that we breastfed for over 14 months! i can't wait to nurse my new babe.

Tiffany said...

I hope it turns out to be as easy for me as it seems to be for you! Everyone keeps telling me these horror stories, so it's wonderful to read about someone who loves it so much. :)

Nani said...

I am with you... I think three quarters of the city have already seen me breastfeeding LOL!

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